We produce steel profiles, reinforcements for PVC windows and doors and special sections

We are a producer of cold-bended steel sections made of hot-dip galvanized steel (HDG). Our production focuses on steel reinforcements for PVC windows and doors as well as tubes and profiles welded with high frequency current (HFW). Our office and production plant are located in the area of over 45,000m2 in Poland in Silesia region.

We offer steel galvanized profiles and other services

Window reinforcements

From the beginning of our activity, we have been focused on the production of steel reinforcements for PVC…

Tubes and welded profiles

Our standard raw material for production is hot-deep galvanized steel. Individual approach to the customer allows us to carry out orders also…

Special profiles

The production technology of both welded and open sections allows us in many cases to produce atypical…

Fiber laser cutting of tubes and profiles

Cutting service can be provided in our material or in material delivered by customer. The use of a precise fiber laser…

Slitting services

We offer a slitting service from coil delivered by the customer according to his cutting specifications.

Roll-forming service

Roll-forming service includes both welded or open sections from material delivered in strips by customer.

We have modern technology and logistics facilities

We have over 300 different types of products and services