Fiber laser cutting of tubes and profiles

2D Laser cutting in sheets:
  • working field 4000×1500
  • cutting in standard steel up to 16 mm
  • cutting in stainless steel up to 6 mm
  • maximum table capacity: 800 kg
Cutting service can be provided in our material or in material delivered by customer. The use of a precise fiber laser allows the elements to be made without further processing. 3D Fiber laser: To our wide range of welded and open steel section we have added cutting of tubes and profiles thanks to which we are able to offer our clients custom-made profiles with cutting out holes in accordance with the requirements. This allows to reduce costs and save our customers time by obtaining ready profiles for painting, welding or assembly without the need for any additional processing. Parameters of our fiber laser allows us to cut:
  • in profiles from 20x20mm up to 120x120mm
  • in tubes from fi 25mm up to fi 220mm
  • thickness of profiles and tubes from 0,1mm to 6mm
  • length of profiles and tubes: up to 6500mm
As part of the laser fiber service, we also provide the preparation of appropriate 3D models of profiles and sections, which allows to obtain repeatable and extremely accurate elements. Thanks to the fiber laser, the resulting elements will retain their shape and will not be deformed, they will receive an ideal cutting surface that will not require additional processing while maintaining repeatability of the cut.

Bending services on a CNC press brake

The POWER BEND FALCON press brake with a pressure of 400 tons allows for precise bending of sheet metal and together with the appropriate software and CNC control system allows you to perform simulations and make any corrections. Press parameters:
  • 400 tons of pressure
  • maximum bending length: 6100mm
The use of CNC press provides possibility to produce short and unusual series, which in the case of cold bending would involve the need to design new forming rolls. This solution reduce costs and obtain unique elements in a short time.

Slitting services

We offer a slitting service from coil delivered by the customer according to his cutting specifications.

In our slitting lines we can cut coils:

  • To 1580 mm width and 11 tons weight
    -thickness range from 0,5 mm to 2,5 mm
  • To 1320 mm width and 23,5 tons weight
    -thickness range from 0,5 mm to 5 mm
  • To 1600 mm width and 30 tons weight
    -thickness range from 0,5 mm to 5 mm

Roll-forming service

Roll-forming service includes both welded or open sections from material delivered in strips by customer. It also includes hot-deep galvanized or black material. It is possible to combine together slitting service and roll-forming service – in this case all steel profiles are produced from steel delivered by customer in coils.

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